electrodeionization technologyThe history of water purification spans thousands of years. Water purification systems are even depicted in hieroglyphs from Ancient Egypt. Although some of these systems were primitive, such as boiling water, or filtering through sand and gravel, the goals were the same then as they are now: clean, contaminant-free water for our daily needs.

Many more efficient purification technologies have since been developed over time. One such technology is Electrodeionization (EDI). This is a process that makes use of electrical energy, resin, and an ion-exchange membrane to remove impurities from water.

EDI has many benefits over conventional ion exchange processes, chief of which is its ability to produce water of very high purity without using chemical products required in other processes. This also enables simple and consistent operation. Some additional benefits of industrial water purification include:

Reduced Maintenance Costs and Improved Manufacturing Efficiencies

EDI required very little maintenance with a finely tuned system. As the water is purified, all contaminants are removed, thereby ensuring that only clean water is used for industrial processes. This guarantees that only extremely low levels of contaminants will enter the equipment or process where water is used. For example, pharmaceutical-grade purified water, power plant steam for turbines, boiler feed water, solar panel manufacturing, computer microprocessor manufacturing or automobile rinse water when a new car is painted. Reliable water meeting the targets result in fewer defects and high yields.

Continuous Output

With electrodeionization technology, you can count on reliable, continuous output of water when you need it. Unlike other systems that require you to take them offline, electrodeionization systems continuously provide high water output throughout the day.

Sustainable and Innovative Approaches

Only a small fraction of the water on our planet is fresh. The scarcity and variability of the available water is becoming complex and expensive. Innovative and sustainable ways to purify water offer industries the ability to minimize waste water, and also purify waste water to exceed even the fresh feed water available. Reusing a plant’s own water enables the company to not only save money but time as well.

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