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Agape Water Solutions, Inc. provides Industrial Reverse Osmosis System with semi permeable RO membranes to purify water. Membranes are manufactured by companies such as Hydranautics, Suez, Toray America and Dow Dupont Filmtec. The spirally wound membranes are housed inside a round pressure vessel. Water pressure is applied at the membrane inlet to remove dissolved solids from the feed water. As the water flows across the outside of each membrane, the pressure drives pure water through the membranes and purified water exits through the internal permeate tube. The water remaining outside the membrane is concentrated and typically sent to drain.

Agape Water Solutions offers well designed, trustworthy industrial reverse osmosis systems from less than 1 gpm to 1 million gallons per day per skid. All systems are manufactured under a documented standard Quality Control System to ensure a reliable product arrives.

When purchasing a Reverse Osmosis system, it is very important that the technical application is reviewed by qualified and experienced experts. There are many factors which need to be analyzed in selecting components such as membranes, pumps and piping that may not always work. Just a few of the factors include the nature of the water (such as surface water, well water, waste water, chlorinated city water), flux (gpm per square foot of membrane area), temperature, concentrate flow for each membrane, scaling potentials, fluid velocities and many other factors.

The Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis System

If you are working with water that is less than ideal in terms of quality, then a reverse osmosis system has numerous benefits. At Agape Water Solutions, we provide full service for our reverse osmosis water system, ensuring that your water quality is up to the high standards you set. Here are the benefits of our system.

Comprehensive Contaminant Removal

A reverse osmosis water system works under high pressure to allow removal of dissolved salts, organics, bacteria. Average salt rejection is usually 98 to 99.9%. Clean, fresh and clear water is produced easily and efficiently.

Low Energy Requirements

Our reverse osmosis system offers exceptional benefits in terms of energy costs and has a greener environmental footprint using a combination of proprietary membranes and pump features.

Scalable Solutions

At Agape Water Solutions, we cater to industrial operations to deliver clean, purified water. Our systems are custom designed and offer exceptional value for large scale facilities. We work with each of our clients to ensure you work with a properly optimized system for results that last.

Exceptional Output

We are committed to ensuring that your reverse osmosis system can handle the output you need. At Agape Water Solutions, we offer a range of systems that can output up to one million gallons per day per skid.

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