Ionpure MX series
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Agape Water Solutions is the Master Service Provider in North America for Ionpure Technologies. We provide water treatment equipment suppliers: OEMs and System Integrators modules, systems and technical support for Ionpure products.

Ionpure MX series

Ionpure MX Modules

Ionpure MX Series CEDI modules are a “round disc” EDI. The MX delivers superior performance for laboratory and lower flow process applications. MX modules are an ideal complement for light industrial, commercial & laboratory RO systems that are wall mounted or housed in a cabinet.

  • Product flow, minimum gpm 50% of nominal
  • Product flow, nominal gpm 0.13 to 2.2
  • Product flow, maximum gpm 150% of nominal
  • Typical recovery (%) 90-95
  • Maximum feed pressure, psi (bar) 75 (5)
  • Nominal Pressure drop, psi (bar) 10-20 (0.7-1.4)
  • Maximum feed temperature 113 °F (45° C)
  • DC voltage 0- 600
  • DC amperage 2.5
  • Product conductivity >16 megohm-cm
  • Silica 95% removal
wdt_ID Nominal Flow rate (gpm) Nominal Flow rate (lph) MX Part Number
1 14,00 30 IP-MXM030
2 28,00 60 IP-MXM060
3 55,00 125 IP-MXM125
4 1,10 250 IP-MXM250
5 2,20 500 IP-MXM500

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