Membrane Degasification systems sample
Membrane Degasification systems sample

Membrane Degasification Systems (MDG) are used to remove dissolved gases from water. The most common application of MDG is decarbonation where carbon dioxide CO2 gas is removed from reverse osmosis permeate without caustic chemical injection. This reduces to load on the downstream Electrodeionization or ion exchange mixed be polishers. MDG are also used in electronics grade water applications to remove oxygen to very low levels.

How does Membrane DeGas work?

Water with gas flows into a hydrophobic hollow fiber membrane core. A sweep gas or vaccum is sent in the counter flow direction on the opposite side of the membranes. As water flows through the membrane, the dissolved gases transfer across the membrane, but water does not. The degasified water flows out the MGD module into the EDI or down stream polisher.

Agape Water Membrane Degasification Systems

Agape Water Solutions provides MDG systems around the world. We provide MDG as a chemical free option in place of sodium hydroxide injection.

  • Membrane Degas modules
  • Vacuum pump or blower
  • Optional cartridge filter
  • Optional automatic valves
  • Instrumentation
  • Controls
  • Pressure transmitters to monitor data remotely
  • Data trending
  • Remote monitoring on site or off site.
  • Start up and training
  • Service, troubleshooting and cleaning assistance

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