EDI Power Supplies
EDI Power Supplies

Agape Water Solutions, Inc. designs and manufactures specialized DC power supplies to provide safe reliable power to Electrodeionization (EDI) and Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR) units.

How to determine appropriate EDI power supply sizing

When sizing EDI or EDR power supplies the primary concern should be to ensure enough current is delivered to the modules. Current is the driving force in electrochemical devices and depends on feed water and product water requirements. The amount of current theoretically required is determined by Faraday’s Law. Voltage is determined by Ohm’s Law V = iR. The electrical resistance of the module will depend on age of the module, as well as temperature, operating conditions and if whether the device has resin in the concentrate chamber as well as electrical resistance of the cation and anion exchange membranes.


There are many different options available to generate the DC power required. Some inexpensive options many be used for EDI modules where highest quality water many not be required, or where modules have low electrical resistance. Higher water quality or high voltage modules will require more expensive methods of converting AC to DC power.

One individual power supply for each EDI module is usually recommended. This results in stable current to each module and optimal improvement even if resistance varies due to operation or if new modules are installed in the same system as older modules.

Available Features and Options

  • Customer supplied incoming voltage
  • NEMA 12 fan cooled or NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X enclosures for industrial applications
  • Individual Power Supplies for each EDI
  • On Board Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • On Screen VDC, ADC, VAC, AAC, Temperature and Alarms
  • EDI Resistance Trending to Determine Cleaning requirements
  • UL Label and Listed

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