EDR Modules Nexed

NEXED® Module – Advanced Electrochemical Desalination

Agape Water Solutions is the NEXED Master Service Provider. NEXED is a revamped electrodialysis (ED) technology with groundbreaking brackish water desalination techniques that make ED more affordable.

EDR Modules Nexed

Brackish Water Desalination Techniques Reinvented

Though brackish water salinity levels aren’t as high as those of seawater, they’re still too high for most applications, as well as human consumption. In fact, a large percentage of groundwater is too salty for most applications. Therefore, treatment is necessary to reduce the saline levels so it’s safe to use. Unfortunately, conventional desalination methods and treatments use hazardous chemicals to remove the tunable dissolved solids (TDS).

Our system, on the other hand, uses electrochemistry. Quite simply, our engineers have reimagined ED and the process, creating the NEXED® module​—a high-tech brackish water desalination system that’s unlike anything else on the market. Launched in January of 2016, our module has revolutionized the typical membrane desalination process with electrochemical desalination and, therefore, met and continues to meet the growing demands of brackish salt removal.

Our brackish water desalination system gives users the capability to reduce salinity levels without the use of chemicals. In addition, it requires less energy to operate. In fact, it operates at up to 30% less than other desalination methods.

The NEXED Module: The Many Possibilities

The NEXED module is the next generation of water desalination. Successful in the removal of salt from brackish water, the possibilities with the NEXED module are endless.

HydroNovation, an innovator in the industry, is known for taking a unique approach to water treatment with its HydroDI™ module, a chemical-free and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional water softening. Unlike RO systems, the HydroDI system can be adjusted to balance both hardness and salt removal. It uses Evoqua’s groundbreaking NEXED electrodesalination crossflow membrane for small flow-rate requirements as a salt-free softener and water conditioner. In fact, the typical flow rate is only one gpm (gallon per minute) and is used in a process designed to treat a whole household. Modules using the 7” membrane can also be applied to commercial applications such as coffee shops to ensure consistent water quality.

There’s also a module using our 12” membranes, which are optimized for higher salinity levels. Designed for municipal and industrial applications, these modules can be combined in parallel for larger flow rates in application such as reverse osmosis reject recovery.

​​The modules were designed as desalting engines and have many potential applications including:

  • Brackish Water TDS Reduction
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Reject Recovery
  • Small Footprint Bulk TDS Removal
  • Water Reuse
  • Variable Salinity Applications​

How It Works:

The technology used in the NEXED module provides a TDS removal capability. This adjustable output provides cost-effective treatment options, such as consistent water quality with variable feed water parameters or partial removal of contaminants without the need for blending. Because output quality can be manipulated by input power adjustments, this tunable feature also allows for options to minimize footprint and provide for optimized energy consumption.

Electrodialysis is a membrane desalination process in which ions are transported through selective ion permeable membranes from one solution to another under the influence of an electrical potential gradient. Alternating ion selective membranes (anionic and cationic) create separated streams of concentrated and diluted feed water that can be influenced by the electrical potential gradient and resulting current.

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  • Optimized Membrane for Electrochemical Desalination
  • Cost-Driven Design
  • Low Lifecycle Costs


  • Tunable – Intelligent TDS removal reduces energy requirements.
  • Adjustable – Module is optimized for low energy or small footprint.
  • Low Pressure – System only requires low-pressure piping, reducing installation costs.

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