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Ionpure VNX series

Ionpure VNX Modules

The VNX module uses a “round disc” design to reduce the cost of building high flow rate EDI systems and to make it easy to choose a clean, environmentally compatible technology over chemically regenerated mixed bed ion exchange systems. Higher flowrate EDI modules result in easier piping and system assembly by reducing the number of modules required.

In both the LX and VNX, the spacers are stacked up in a conventional plate-and-frame arrangement, with alternating product and reject compartments (see Exploded Views below). This configuration gives much more even distribution of both fluid flow and current flow than some other configurations, such as spiral wound. This is very important for both performance and module longevity.

28 gpm nominal flow rate per module

50 or 55 gpm nominal flow rate per module

Performance has been optimized for suitability on most single-pass reverse osmosis feed water. CDIT is designed for feed water up to 4 ppm of hardness, greatly widening the application window for EDI (Electrodeionization) technology.

>17.5 or 18 megohm-cm product quality guaranteed

>17.5 or 18 megohm-cm product quality guaranteed

VNX-Max features the same proven CEDI technology, allowing it to produce high-purity water with an even higher nominal flow rate up to 100 gpm.

The VNX-Mini also produces ultrapure water in a compact package. It has a nominal flow rate of 52.8 gpm which gives high-flow systems a smaller footprint.

wdt_IDFlow rate (gpm)VNX Part NumberDescription
128IP-VNX28EP-2Enhanced Performance
255IP-VNX55EP-2Enhanced Performance
315IP-VNX15CDIT-2High Feed Challenge (hardness, CO2, TDS, silica)
430IP-VNX30CDIT-2(hardness, CO2, TDS, silica)
528IP-VNX28-2Replaced by IP-VNX28EP-2
650IP-VNX50Standard VNX, Replaced by VNX55EP-2
7528IP-VNX-Mini-1Small footprint high flow rate module
855IP-VNX55Standard VNX, Replaced by VNX55EP-2
925IP-VNX25Standard VNX, Replaced by IP-VNX28EP-2

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