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Agape Water Solutions is the Master Service Provider in North America for Ionpure Technologies, the leading manufacturer of Electrodeionization modules. We partner with water treatment equipment suppliers such as OEMs and System Integrators to incorporate Ionpure products into the system supplied to the end user by supplying components, systems, technical support and training to water treatment companies. In some cases this partnership means supplying the electrodeionization modules and the OEM builds the system. In other cases, the supplier may not have the time or comfort level required to provide a successful system. In those cases, we can supply a “Private Label” system sold under the system integrators name and designed and built to include the requirements consistent with pretreatment including the reverse osmosis system that we may or may not supply.

Continuous Electro-DeionIzation (CEDI) is the most advanced generation of Ion Exchange technology. CEDI is a chemical-free process to produce deionized water and therefore environmentally friendly, continuous production, and extremely low operating costs when compared to chemical regenerated ion exchange technology.

Ionpure VNX series

Ionpure VNX

The Ionpure LX modules are specifically designed for industrial applications. Ionpure modules consistently deliver maximum reliability and superior performance for power, HPI/CPI, general electronics, food and beverage and laboratory applications without regeneration downtime.

Ionpure LX

Ionpure LX

The Ionpure VNX module uses a “round disc” design to reduce the cost of building high flow rate EDI systems and to make it easy to choose a clean, environmentally compatible technology over chemically regenerated mixed bed ion exchange systems.

Ionpure MX series

Ionpure MX

Ionpure MX Series CEDI modules are a “round disc” EDI. The MX delivers superior performance for laboratory and lower flow process applications. MX modules are an ideal complement for light industrial, commercial & laboratory RO systems that are wall mounted or housed in a cabinet.

Iontech EDI series


Iontech EDI modules are DS series CEDI stacks and industrial grade. The Iontech modules produce ultrapure water with no chemical regeneration. Iontech EDI is a highly reliable type of water treatment equipment Product quality as measured in MΩ -cm generally exceeds mixed bed quality as well as other EDI technologies.

E-Cell EDI series


SUEZ’s E-Cell* electrodeionization (EDI) technology removes residual salts and ionizable aqueous species – such as carbon dioxide, silica, ammonia and boron – from your water sources. The EDI systems operate chemical-free, achieve 97% water recovery, and consume only electricity.

EDI Modules & Components graphic


SnowPure has the widest variety of electrodeionization EDI products on the market. SnowPure manufacturers and sells Electropure EDI modules to OEMs for integration into pure and ultrapure water systems.

EDI Power Supplies

EDI Modules Components: EDI Power Supplies

Agape Water Solutions Provides power supply controls for Electrodeionization modules. The DC Power Controllers are designed to be used with the IONPURE® modules and are part of a complete line of modular system components offered to system integrators, but can be used with all Electrodeionization modules for optimal performance.

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