Agape Water Solutions provide Service DI systems for customer who require purified water without on site chemical regeneration. Customers who purpose service DI receive freshly regenerate mixed bed ion exchange vessels which have been chemically regenerate and ready to use. The vessels connect to the customers piping with quick connect hoses. There is no waste water.

Service DI systems are used in many industries, including:

  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Clinical labs and hospitals
  • Power Plants
  • Boiler Feed water
  • Electronics and Semiconductor manufacturing

Simple Service DI system provide 18.2 megohm with little capital or installation cost.

High Quality H20

High Quality H2O

Agape Water Solutions uses documented regeneration procedures and tests each individual batch of regenerated resin. Agape Water Solutions has proven performance to minimize customer cost and maximize throughput.

Quick Ship - Service DI

Quick Ship or Delivery

Fully regenerated systems are in stock and ready to ship. Same day service is available.

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