water treatment servicesElectrodeionization technology removes contaminants from water through deionization with continuous regeneration. It combines ion exchange and resin with electricity to subsequently remove impurities from your water. Some potential applications of EDI include any application where city drinking water is not pure enough. Some examples are in the food and beverage industry, microchip rinse water, and power plant boiler water. The performance of EDI is extremely reliable because it provides remarkably high purity water production without needing to be taken offline intermittently, such as is necessary for its primary mixed bed chemical regeneration. Below are some reasons why you should consider incorporating an electrodeionization solution into your facility’s water treatment services.

How Does EDI Actually Work?

Electrodeionization (EDI) is an electrically driven water treatment technology that may be used in conjunction with (or in place of), your facility’s existing scalable water solution. As stated above, it has a number of applications and yields chemical-free water of extreme purity. Because it is done without harsh chemical treatments, there is no need to store chemicals or worry about their removal. Instead, EDI can be introduced as an alternative method of on-site, high-quality water purification.

Why Does EDI Work So Well?

EDI is, at its core, a demineralization process that removes ionizable substances from water. If you are looking for a new water treatment solution to produce water that is free from materials such as salts and ions such as sodium, chloride, hardness, silica, CO2 and other cations and anions, EDI may be the solution for your manufacturing or laboratory. Because an electrodeionization solution is chemical-free, safe, and efficient. It is an extremely reliable and cost-effective method of high-quality water purification. It has the capacity to remove various water impurities electrically, and, as stated above, has numerous potential applications. It also requires very little electricity to operate, thus making it a quite cost-effective alternative.

Not all EDI is the same

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