industrial water treatments systems - how to pickWater solution treatment and demineralization remain a critical part of most industrial operations. Ultra-pure water is a vital component for all manufacturing plants, including pharmaceuticals, energy production, food industries, and many more. The best water treatment solutions ensure efficient production processes as well as maintaining the quality of manufactured products. But how do you pick the right industrial water treatment system for your company? Here are five questions to ask before making a choice.

1. What Contaminants Are Present?

The first step to finding water treatment solutions for your plant is to determine the sources of your raw water. You may have a municipality-fed, ground, or surface water supply to your manufacturing plant. All these water sources contain different concentrations of contaminants. Water treatment services can carry out a lab testing and treatability study that can validate the technology’s ability to purify your water. The contaminants present in the raw water in relation to your quality needs will significantly affect the makeup of your ion exchange, electrodeionization, or reverse osmosis system.

2. What Is The Intended Use for the Water?

You will determine the technical requirements of product water and use of the treated water. The intended use ultimately determines the water quality that you demand from the system. You need a water solution that can support your processing demands, providing the requisite volume of purified water within a specific period. The treatability study will come in handy in providing the correct information on optimizing your designs to meet your quality needs.  Keep in mind your intended life cycle of the equipment and appropriately project the performance base on worst-case feed water at the end of the membrane life.

3. What Industry-Related Regulations Are in Place?

It is critical to keep in mind that the quality of water feed to your system will vary, depending on the standards set within specific industries. You may need to check the safety and discharge guidelines provided within your industry to ensure that you remain compliant. You need to find a scalable water solution that can help you to easily adapt as the regulations change over time.

4. What Customization Would You Prefer for Your Unit?

The intended use for the ultra-purified water will vary from one plant to another. You may need to ensure that the specifications you choose for your water treatment system will fit within your requirements. Check if the water solutions company can provide customized filtration and electrodeionization units that can help you achieve your water treatment goals.

5. How Long Will the Plant Operate?

Another factor that you may need to keep in mind when choosing water solutions is the plant lifespan. The longer you envision using the facility, the more durable materials you should use for your technology. While the long-life materials may attract higher up-front costs, they may gradually pay themselves back by saving on maintenance and replacement costs.

Finding the right water solutions for your plant is key to your manufacturing processes and operations. Answering the five questions above may guide you in finding the right technology for your company. For more information on water treatment solutions, contact the experts here at Agape Water.