electrodeionization technologyIt’s no secret that water treatment is essential for large manufacturing plants and other industrial businesses. However, water treatment processes can be expensive depending on the equipment you choose. That’s why technical experts prefer using electrodeionization technology for their water treatment processes to reduce overall operational spending while improving productivity and water quality.

But what exactly makes electrodeionization technology a great choice when it comes to water solutions for your plant? Here, we’ve compiled some of the key benefits of using electrodeionization technology for your water treatment so you can see what makes this process so effective.

No need for downtime

Many industrial plants and facilities use ion exchange for water treatment solutions to remove contaminant ions from the water.. However, the most common system use hazardous chemicals to regenerate ion exchange polymeric resin beads These polymeric resin beads can only remove so many particles and inorganics before they become exhausted. This requires the ion exchange system to ve taken off line for chemical regeneration.

Electrodeionization, also known as continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) or continuous deionization (CDI), is a chemical-free technology that significantly reduces the ions in water. What makes electrodeionization technology great for industrial businesses is that, because CEDI systems continuously regenerate, these systems can produce multi-megohm water without becoming exhausted. There isn’t any need for downtime for the resin beads inside the system to regenerate. That means your industrial facility or plant can stay productive and efficient without sacrificing water quality.

Reduce operational costs

Because electrodeionization technology can produce multi-megohm water without becoming exhausted, your industrial business doesn’t need to spend as much money on maintenance costs. You also don’t need to worry about wasting money in lost productivity, either, because you’re able to operate your water treatment more consistently without frequent shutdowns.

As an added benefit to this technology, your industrial business can reduce its environmental footprint because CEDI technology doesn’t use chemicals to operate. And, when you do operate your electrodeionization technology, the process is more energy-efficient than contemporary ion exchange technology.

Better water quality

While traditional ion exchange technology can remove weakly ionized species for short period, they start to break through into product water after operating periods. With CEDI technology, because the resin beads are continuously regenerated, the beads are better able to remove silica and other weakly ionized species consistently. As a result, not only are you able to get better water quality from your water treatments, but you’re also able to get that quality in a longer amount of time.

Ready to get started with CEDI technology in your own industrial facility? We’ve got you covered. Agape Water Solutions has the electrodeionization systems you need to treat your water efficiently and effectively. To learn more about our water treatment services and technology, contact Agape Water Solutions today.