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Electrodeionization is perhaps the surest way to achieve ultrapure water for a variety of industries. While there are other methods of water system purification, the other processes such as chemically regenerated ion exchange deionization will not yield the same consistent high quality results as EDI, and will not provide the same benefits to your business.

How Electrodeionization Works

EDI uses DC power, ion exchange resins and membranes to remove impurities from your water systems. While EDI will removed any charged contaminants, the primary purpose is removal of salts and charged minerals. As in chemically regenerated DI, the ions are removed by ion exchange resin. However the DC current splits water (H2O) into hydrogen (H+) and hydroxyl (OH-) ions to continuously regenerate without chemicals such as acid (H+) and caustic (OH-) regenerants. At the same time, the positive (+) and negative (-) electrodes attract impurities in the water made up of cations and anions pass through the EDI’s ion-selective membranes in a concentrate stream where they are removed.

This type of EDI installation leads to not just ultra-purified water, but a continuous system that safely and continuously regenerates itself. This means this system requires no use of caustic chemicals in order to achieve ultra-pure levels of water. It also means that no waste neutralization, special chemical handling, permits and associated equipment is required.

Benefits of Electrodeionization

Continuous Electrodeionization works in tandem with other parts of a larger ultrapure water system. EDI combines ion exchange membranes, electricity, and resin to remove impurities and achieve a very high purity in your water system. This purity is shown by your water system’s minimal conductivity.

Continuous EDI is also a cost-efficient method of purifying your water system. Agape Water Solutions has designed hundreds of systems around the world, and this means you can reliably run your machine for a number of years. The average cost of an EDI system is affordable and can replace service DI or on site DI. EDI systems also do not take up much space, meaning you can place them in any area of your factory.

Environmental Benefits

As stated previously, EDI does not rely on the use of caustic or dangerous chemicals to purify your water system, meaning you can safely run your machine without risk of pollution to surrounding areas. The maintenance and operation of the Electrodeionization system are minimal, with few operators needed to run the system.

What Industries Benefit from EDI

EDI is an attractive choice if your business involves the creation of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, laboratories, power, manufacturing and even electronics. This is also a great system for those in the biotechnology and chemical production industries.