water treatmentAn industrial water treatment system from Agape Water Solutions is a sequence of processes that meets several purification and separation needs. These systems can be quite simple, or you can also have complex, multi-unit setups that serve a variety of applications. Read on to find out more about how industrial water treatment systems work.

Components of Industrial Water Treatment Systems

An industrial water treatment system comprises many technologies and processes that are used to treat water, so it becomes more appropriate for a given user. The treated water can be used for various uses, manufacturing, or even disposal. Each industrial water treatment system varies according to the facility’s needs and the purpose of the water being treated. In general, most industrial water treatment systems include the following:

  • Process water treatment systems
  • High Purity water treatment systems
  • Boiler feedwater treatment systems
  • Wastewater treatment systems

Common Technologies Used in Industrial Water Treatment

There are two main technologies used in industrial water treatment. These include reverse osmosis and electrodeionization. Electrodeionization, or EDI, is a technique that utilizes electricity and ion exchange membranes to treat water. The most significant advantage of this method is that it does not use chemicals to purify water. Instead, it utilizes ion-exchange membranes to effectively filter unwanted ions and allow certain dissolved ions to pass. Applications of EDI are mainly utilized in the treatment of residual water in the food and beverage industry. This technology performs quite reliably, and it delivers highly pure water.

Reverse osmosis utilizes a semipermeable membrane to eliminate ions and other impurities from water. This system uses high pressure to drive water through the system. The result is that impurities are retained on the pressurized side, and cleaner water passes through to the other side. Reverse osmosis is mainly used as primary desalination or deionization. When combined with EDI, it can also be used to treat water for use in medical and industrial applications.

Industrial water treatment systems can be quite complex, depending on the purpose of the system. However, most of them revolve around the technologies mentioned above. If you want to find out more about industrial water treatment systems, get in touch with Agape Water Solutions today.