industrial water treatment systemsChoosing an industrial water treatment system is a huge task. To make sure that you do this properly, you need to be aware of the common mistakes that people make when choosing an industrial water treatment system. When you approach companies that provide water solutions systems, such as Agape Water Solutions, you need to give them as much detail about your system requirements and your feed water source as possible. This way, they can recommend a system that’s best suited to your needs. Here are the mistakes to avoid so you don’t end up in any pitfalls.

Poorly Integrating Existing and New Equipment

There are some instances when you might want to keep some of your old equipment and integrate it with new components or technologies. However, if you are planning to do this, you first have to ensure that the old and the new water solutions equipment will work efficiently together. You also have to think about the interfaces that will be controlling the two.

For instance, will there be separate control panels for each, or will you have one PLC and human-machine interface for everything? You also need to look into what communication protocol you will need to ensure that you don’t have a situation where the new does not communicate properly with the old and vice versa.

It is important that the feed and process water of the new and old also work together. In some instances, trying to integrate two systems together will require you to do a complete overhaul. However, this can be a very expensive task.

Assuming That the Supplier Knows Everything

In most cases, when people go to buy equipment, they will just assume that the supplier knows everything about what equipment will work best for their needs. However, this can’t be further from the truth. When you buy new equipment, you should consult with the plant operators and work with experienced suppliers. Most water treatment companies cut corners in quality in order to cut the cost and only a few are truly qualified to supply electrodeionization.

Thinking the Equipment Will Run Itself

After you have been hit with a sales pitch, you might end up thinking that all you need is to purchase equipment and get it installed. Unfortunately, water treatment systems will not run themselves. After you obtain your equipment, you will need trained water solutions operations and maintenance personnel. These are the guys who will keep the equipment operating properly. Properly trained operators can quickly spot and resolve common problems. If you don’t have the proper staff, consider a water treatment system maintenance contract with Agape Water Solutions.

There are some of the mistakes that you should avoid when choosing an industrial water treatment system. With this information, you will have a better experience as you choose the right system for you. When you’re ready to get started, be sure to consult with the experts at Agape Water Solutions.