2400 GPM Electrodeionization System

Process: Ionpure VNX Continuous Electrodeionization CEDI.

Agape Water Solutions, Inc. worked with one of the world’s largest water treatment suppliers to design a reliable Electrodeionization system for the most technologically advanced flash memory manufacturer in the world. The system was installed in 2007 in USA. The original system used 6 of the first generation Ionpure VNX50 modules and was expandable to 8 modules. Agape Water Solutions designed and built the high purity semiconductor grade primary polishing EDI unit using Asahi IR Welded Polypropylene. The system was featured on the October 2009 cover of Ultrapure Water Journal. The customer later expanded the system in 2010 and 2011 and most recently an additional expansion was provided in 2014.