University Water Reclamation System
Reverse Osmosis Filter System

Process: Single Pass Reverse Osmosis followed by Electrodeionization

Agape Water Solutions, Inc. worked with an engineering firm to design a continuous pure water system for a university Cogen facility. The wastewater is first cleaned through an advanced process of microfiltration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet disinfection. The reclaimed water is then used in place of drinking-quality to cool the turbines in the cogeneration power plant. Agape Water custom selected components, membranes and process to ensure the difficult water source produces water with Total Dissolved Solids less than 30 parts per billion (30 ppb). and silica less than 10 ppb. The core process consists of low fouling RO membranes followed by Ionpure LX modules which can be isolated and operated to adjust for user flow demand as necessary. The system was started in 2012, and is far exceeding expectations..

Controls: UL Listed, Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC