Electrodeionization, or EDI, is a continuous chemical-free process of removing ionized and ionizable species from feedwater using electricity. This process is what is typically used to polish reverse osmosis permeate. And it’s a replacement for the conventional mixed bed ion exchange.

The benefit of this process is that using electrodeionization eliminates the need to store and handle hazardous chemicals used for resin regeneration in mixed beds. In addition, since the only consumable in this process is electricity, it produces no hazardous waste stream, a great green alternative to traditional methods.

At Agape Water Solutions, we are the leader in EDI technologies for industrial facilities that require the highest water output. Our company is committed to using the most advanced technologies on the market across our entire range. This allows us to offer scalable solutions to meet your growing needs.

What Kinds Of EDI Systems Are Available?

We offer a variety of EDI systems, including:

IONPURE VNX, this model uses a round disc to reduce the cost of building high flow rate EDI systems. In addition, the higher flow rate of EDI modules results in easier piping and assembly by reducing the number of modules required.

IONPURE MX delivers impressive performance for the laboratory and lowers the flow process.

IONPURE LX this model is incredibly consistent and reliable and typically constructed of FDA approved materials. As a result, it is ideal for pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and laboratory applications. In addition, it requires no regeneration downtime.

IONTECH is highly reliable and produces ultrapure water with no chemical regeneration. In addition, it offers leak-free operation with a double o-ring seal and patented ion exchange membranes that offer high rejection and low energy consumption.

E-CELL can remove residual salts and other aqueous species from your water, such as carbon dioxide, silica, ammonia, and boron. This operates chemical-free and can achieve 97% water recovery only by consuming electricity.

SNOWPURE offers a variety of EDI products. We can provide replacement Snowpure Electropure EDI modules or even integrate the technology into pure and ultra-pure water systems. Contact us today to learn more.

What Is Needed To Maintain My EDI System?

Unfortunately, there is not a one size fits all answer. Because EDI modules contain membranes and ion exchange resins. Contaminants in the feed water accumulated over time and may require cleaning. And It goes beyond that; you also need to select the proper chemistry based on the foulant. This is not a simple process and should be left to a professional. Which is why Agape Water Solutions provides customers with ongoing maintenance. With this service, a team member will regularly review your EDI operation, and we will provide replacement consumables such as rebeds and membrane cleaning.

How do I clean my EDI System?

The cleaning depends on the type of scaling or fouling:

  1. Low pH cleaning using hydrochloric acid is used to remove hardness scale.
  2. High pH cleaning using sodium hydroxide and food grade salt is used to remove organics as well as biofouling.
  3. Cold sterilant can be used to sanitize EDI systems, but special procedures need to be taken to ensure oxidation does not occur during cleaning.

To clean the system, mix RO or EDI permeate with appropriate chemicals, recirculate, maintain proper pH, soak, recirculate and resin. Flush with food grade salt between low and high pH cleanings.

When Do I clean?

Clean when electrical resistance increases, pressure drops increases, or flow decreases.

Will cleaning be effective?

Cleaning will be effective when the EDI operators monitor daily logs and identify potential scaling or fouling before it is too late. Cleaning will not be effective if the scale or fouling is too severe, and will not be effective on modules plugged with suspended solids or oxidized from chlorine or other oxidant.

Agape Is Here To Help

At Agape Water Solutions, we specialize in creating highly purified water in the most optimized way. Our EDI Systems are custom-built for you. Whether you need installation, cleaning, or maintenance, we are here to help. To learn more about our systems or to find out more, contact us today.