Agape Water Solutions supplies first commercial EDR system using Ionpure NEXED EDR modules to recover and reuse industrial waste water

The first commercial installation of Evoqua’s Ionpure NexED brand Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR) modules is in place. The EDR system will recover Reverse Osmosis waste water which was previously sent to drain.  This ground breaking technology gives users the capability to reduce salinity levels with low energy consumption.

The EDR system provided by Agape Water Solutions, Inc. of USA will treat Reverse Osmosis concentrate with varying salinity and recover 85% of the waste water.  The 85% will be of equal or better quality than in the RO feed water, and recovered back to RO inlet.   The automatic controls are programed by Agape Water Solutions using Ionpure’s proprietary automatic current algorithm which continuously and automatically adjusts power to maintain product conductivity without wasting more power.

Specifically, the system was custom engineered using two NEXED6-8A-0 modules to provide reliable operation. The EDI system is designed to produce a total of 20 gpm (gallons per minute).  Agape Water Solutions and Ionpure were selected to provide the system as the customer was impressed with the first EDR pilot system built in 2015.

First Commercial NexED EDR System

Agape Water Solutions, Inc is the Ionpure ‘Master Service Provider’ provider in North America and is extremely experienced in supplying high purity and ultrapure water applications featuring EDR and CEDI systems. As the MSP:

  • Provides Ionpure qualified training on the Ionpure product line to third party system integrators, Water Treatment OEM’s, and end users.
  • Maintains inventory and distributes Ionpure products to trained system integrators and OEM’s.
  • Provided maintenance and service on Ionpure products in support of third part system integrators
  • Designs and assembles Ionpure based CEDI systems

The Ionpure brand is synonymous with sustainable, post-RO electrochemical solutions for industrial, power generation, pharmaceutical, high purity, and reject water recovery. The new enhanced performance VNX and LX modules continue the Ionpure tradition of continual improvement to retain leadership in water purification technology. Full details, including new model numbers and discontinued products can be found at:

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