We are really pleased with the system design and built by Agape Water.  The operators are shocked the water is so good.

Plant Manager,

Everything is running extremely well on the system Agape Water Solutions designed and manufactured.  The RO-EDI systems are consistently produce 17 MegOhm.  It has been several years and haven’t performed a cleaning yet on the new RO’s and only once on the EDI’s post-install. In fact, the EDI cleaning was more about training than “needing” to.

Operator, Power Plant (USA)

I was VERY impressed with your knowledge and response and data………

President, Regional Ultrapure Water Service Provider

We knew about Agape Water Solutions back in 2008 when Ionpure suggested us to contact them to solve our need for a CEDI control panel. We received prompt answer from Mr. Jeff Tate and we could get a timely and suitable solution for our project. Since then Agape Water Solutions has provided us not only several control panels but also a fully assembled PVDF sanitary CEDI including all the documentation required to do the equipment qualification required by the pharmaceutical industry. Through these years Agape Water Solutions has provided us excellent engineering products and technical support that have been key to the successful development of our projects involving CEDI technology.

Vice President, Water Treatment System Integrator (Columbia)