Electrodeionization EDI Solutions

Agape Water Solutions, Inc. provides Electrodeionization Solutions to end users and water treatment companies. Our EDI expertise is the cornerstone for our business. Jeff Tate is a world recognized expert in Electrodeionization technology. He has developed the market for plate and frame Electrodeionization EDI (E-Cell) and spiral wound Electrodeionization EDI (Omexell). He has written a number of papers published in various technical journals, and presented at many conferences. Agape Water Solutions is the Ionpure Master Service Provider for North America and we provide systems around the world.

There are a number of different EDI styles available such as "plate and frame stacks" and "spiral wound EDI" designs. The manufacturers all present their benefits, but not many users truly understand the differences in technologies. If the application is not properly understood issues such as hardness, silica and system design can produce many problems in the field.

Agape Water Solutions, Inc. is the only company qualified to assist with an unbiased evaluation and recommendation. We are the only Ionpure Master Solutions Provider in North America. We have many years of experience working with Ionpure, E-Cell (GE) and Omexell (Dow). We provide training for all type of systems. You can download our Electrodeionization Audit and Training Program by clicking here.



A sample of recent EDI Solutions.

Edi Retrofit

  • Upgraded Power Plant using E-Cell MK-1 Electrodeionization to the latest EDI technologies. Retrofitted the system to not require concentrate recirculation or brine injection.
  • Assisted a major water treatment company with designing an Electrodeionization system built in house. Trained engineers at their facility, reviewed drawings and provided technical assistance.
  • Upgraded a standard EDI rectifier for 8 EDI stacks to a common EDI control panel with individual EDI module power supply, current control and voltage monitoring.
  • Provided onsite support for an industrial customer not satisfied with their EDI system performance. Made adjustments to the RO and EDI system and improved their performance from less than 1 meg-ohm to 10 meg-ohm.

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