Electrodeionization Systems

Electrodeionization is a form of high purity water treatment technology.  EDI ultilizes a small amount of electrical current to continuously regenerate resin.  EDI is prefered rather than mixed bed ion exchange.  Mixed beds consume large volumes of hazardous chemical. Agape Water Solutions, Inc. provides EDI (electrodeionization) or CDI (continuous electrodeionization) systems.  Electrodeionization Systems are designed to optimize performance and minimize maintenance. This technology eliminates the hazardous acid and caustic required in chemically regenerated mixed bed ion exchange. When a DC current is applied to the device, resin is automatically regenerated at the same time ions are removed to concentrate stream.

The benefits of using Electrodeionization Systems by Agape Water Solutions, Inc. are:

  • Continuous operation - no need to shut down the system for regeneration.
  • No hazardous waste stream.
  • No waste neutralization.
  • Ultrapure water with no hazardous chemicals.
  • Continuous product water with consistent product.

The Electrodeionization Systems by Agape Water Solutions, Inc. can be pre-engineered or custom engineered. We design and build privately labeled EDI systems for other water treatment companies. Systems utilize Ionpure MX, LX and VNX modules in most applications for ultrapure water in power plants, pharmaceutical grade water, electronics manufacturers, laboratories and all users of high purity ultrapure water.

Ionpure MX and LX Series from 0.25 to 100 gpm: Ionpure VNX Series from 50 gpm to 1000 gpm:
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The feed water to electrodeionization systems is important.  The proper pretreatment, design and intergration should be performed.  Single pass reverse osmosis works well in most cases.  Double pass RO is also selected.  The proper controls and instrumentation are necessary.  EDI systems with individual power supplies allow each EDI module to receive identical current.  This ensure power is not short circuited.  The power supplies typically include troubleshooting on screen.  The units alarm in the event of high feed voltage or current.  Also alarm if internal temperature, output DC current or voltage is exceeded. Contact us to speak with knowledgeable and experience engineer.