Agape Water Solutions, Inc. designs, manufactures and services industrial high purity water systems.

Integrated Design

Each Agape water treatment system is integrated for optimal performance and minimal maintenance. Agape Water Solutions has the most knowledgeable application engineers in the industry. We can review your requirements and provide a custom designed system rather than a "black box" cookie cutter standard system.  With ultrapure water, one size does not fit all.


The first step of treating the feed water is removal of suspended solids. This can be done by using backwashable Multi Media Filters which filters the water by trapping solids down to 10 micron. Greensand Filters are used for filtering iron. Cartridge Filters are used to trap 1 or 5 microns for pretreatment to the RO membranes.  Ultrafiltration or Microfiltration is a membrane barrier that is used to filter down to 0.03 microns.


Free chlorine acts as an oxidizer and can permanently damage RO membranes, ion exchange resin and EDI modules. To avoid chlorine attack, the water must be dechlorinated. Three methods of dechlorination are sodium metabisulfite injection, activated carbon filters, or ultraviolet light (UV) chlorine destruction.

Reverse Osmosis

RO is the process used for bulk demineralization. High pressure is applied to the feed water.  As the water flows across the outside of each membrane, the pressure drives pure water through the membrane and purified water exists through the internal permeate tube.  The water remaining outside the membrane is concentrated typically sent to drain.  Read more »


EDI polishes RO permeate to produce ultrapure water with no chemical regeneration. Electrical power causes the resin to continuously regenerate and continuous remove the ionic contaminants in the feed water. Read more »

Lab Power