Our Way

Customer Satisfaction

Agape (pronounced ah-gah-pay) is an ancient Greek word for the highest level of care that one person has for another. This care is evidenced by self-sacrifice. We place our clients' needs as our top priority. We express sacrificial care in the design, manufacture and service of our products. We believe that with a satisfied customer, company and individual success will follow.

Our Mission

Agape Water Solutions, Inc. works to economically preserve the environment by minimizing waste water and chemical consumption. Agape Water Solutions, Inc. provides water treatment equipment and assistance to industrial water users needing water beyond the purity level of municipal drinking water. Agape Water Solutions ensures customers' systems are operating efficiently and safely by providing water treatment consulting services, servicing/maintaining existing equipment, and cost effectively replacing parts and consumables (chemicals, filters, media, resin and membranes). The company also retrofits and upgrades inefficient water treatment systems.

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