EDI Power Supplies

Agape Water Solutions Provides power supply controls for Electrodeionization modules. The DC Power Controllers are designed to be used with the IONPURE® modules and are part of a complete line of modular system components offered to system integrators, but can be used with all Electrodeionization modules for optimal performance.

  • Designed for individual power control for each module.
  • Pre-engineered designs to reduce overall system cost and assembly time.
  • Compatible with All Brands of EDI.
  • Use DC Power Controllers in lieu of rectifiers for enhanced system control
  • Factory tested and burned-in to meet strict standards.
  • Reduced spares cost equals less downtime

Power Supply Data Sheet


Current travels the path of least resistance. In systems with more than one EDI module, modules will receive unequal current with a traditional rectifier due to electrical resistance variability from module to module. Power is the driving force in electrodeionization, so it should be stabilized and consistent for all EDI modules to perform optimally in a system. Agape Water Solutions, Inc. builds EDI control panels with individual power supplies for each module. This allows power monitoring and control for each EDI module. The current and voltage can be monitored by touch screen on the front of the panel and current adjusted from each individual unit.

EDI Power Supplies