EDI Modules

Agape Water Solutions is the Master Service Provider in North America for Ionpure Technologies. We provide water treatment equipment suppliers: OEMs and System Integrators modules, systems and technical support for Ionpure products.

MX Modules: under 2.2 gpm
mx edi
LX Modules: 2 to 22.5 gpm
VNX Modules: 28 and larger
Ionpure MX modules are for low flow rates.  Read more>>> Ionpure LX modules are for 2 to 22.5 gpm per module.  Typical systems use 1 or 2 modules.  Read more>>> VNX modules are used for high flow rate.  The VNX-50-3 is the highest flow rate EDI module on the market.  The VNX-28 is the newer and smaller version rated 25 gpm nominal flow.  Read more>>>